The VW Golf – Just what makes it so popular with Irish drivers

The VW Golf is one of the most popular car in the world, ever! A Volkswagen Golf is sold somewhere across the globe every 41 seconds! It is the eternal favourite and the driving darling of Irish motorists. The brand has retained its loyal following and enthusiastic fan base for many decades. The introduction of exciting innovations and the latest technological advances combine to keep Golf at the cutting edge of car sales.  For 2021, the New Golf is streets ahead in maintaining these high standards of digitalised motoring. Golf now have an all-new , more comfortable intelligent and connected drive with the Car2X system. This means your car can communicate with other cars, alerting you to roadworks, breakdowns and approaching emergency response vehicles.Last year the Generation 8 of the classic VW Golf hatchback arrived and boasted some impressive new digital technology in the interior, classy styling and for the first time some mild hybrid engines. All of this  reassures potential car buyers and maintains the confidence in the brand  But is this what makes the Golf the most beloved car of the Irish driver?   

Reliability and Style

Since 1974, the VW Golf has made hatchbacks cool.  Yes, there were some around before the Mk1 Golf, but nothing that looked so good.  In fact, the Mk1 is still a good looking classic car today.  The design and functionality made it a winner right from the start. Of course, VW is one of the most popular, historic car brands on the planet, synonymous with reliability and great performance.   That has never changed and accounts for much of its popularity.   Eight generations later, the VW Golf has lost nothing of its good looks and now combines superior technology with streamlined design.   Same colour bumpers and a snazzy touch screen dashboard are just some of the innovations in the latest car to the stable. The new Golf also boasts intricately designed headlights and a wider profile to give you a hatchback in a class of its own. So is it the Golfs’ looks and dependability that keep it as the favoured car of Ireland?


Not just a pretty face, the VW Golf has delivered consistent value for money to the discerning car buyer. The purchase cost of the VW Golf is traditionally, affordable, great value for money and gives so much more than comparable cars in other brands.  A reliable car with plenty of cargo room, it has long been the car of choice for people leasing or buying a family hatchback.  Its accomplished to drive and affordable to run, with an excellent trade in or resale value.   This is what the Top Gear guys had to say, and we wouldn’t argue with them on this.  

‘Price-wise, the Golf is a more premium option than say, a Focus or an Astra, but it’s also a far more multi-talented one, offering a securer and supremely refined drive in regular guise, and a high-quality, largely ergonomic cabin. As an all-rounder, the Golf simply cannot be beaten. As a result, it’s the car that Top Gear staffers tend to recommend when asked ‘what should I buy?’ more often than anything else’

Adding the mild hybrid VWGolf 8 to the mix, only increases the reputation for economically efficient driving.

VW Golf Performance

There are few cars that appeal on so many levels than the VW Golf.  Fast, fun, yet practical and with good road handling, they are a joy to drive. The Golf got its famous performance based GTI badge way back in 1976.  Volkswagen have improved on performance every year  , always giving choice of automatic and transmition engines. Constantly listening to what the loyal VW Golf drivers have to say and never disappointing with each new model.  The VW8 is no exception to this rule. Carzone Ireland had this to say

‘Ireland's best-selling car is that for a good reason’. ‘On the road, all Golf's are refined, smooth and quiet to drive, reinforcing the high quality feel.’ 

Carzone Ireland

If the Golf had retained its original American name of the Rabbit, would it have been as perennially popular as it is?  Who knows, but one thing is certain, it remains one of the most iconic cars of the 20th and 21st Century.  The Golf is built in five countries, including Germany, Brazil, China and Mexico. As part of a publicity stunt, an Mk1 crossed the entire American continent from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, a distance of 30,514km, in 94 days. Publicity stunts and impressive history aside, the VW Golf remains a firm and much loved favourite of the Irish driver.  The Mk8 Golf has just enhanced that reputation and prestige to greater levels than ever before.


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