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 Škoda SUPERB - Delivers Style & Comfort , Sharply 

Our revised flagship, the SUPERB, is constantly redefining luxury. Strikingly designed and impressively roomy, with state-of-the-art equipment, unrivalled practicality and Simply Clever features to make your life easier every day. You get a perfect status car during the week and a spacious family car at the weekend. An executive car that thinks of everything. This is what luxury looks like in the SUPERB. The welcome logo projected on the tarmac welcomes you every time you get in the car.

The Škoda SUPERB has many highlights. Check out these three:


The design languages clear geometry, striking contoured surfaces, sculptural shapes, purist precision and elegant lines - as if crafted from a single block - are captivating. The compelling expressive nature of the exterior continues seamlessly into the vehicle's interior. The SKODA SUPERB is now characterised by a reworked wide radiator grille, the full LED headlights that follow on from it, and the completely revamped bumper with standard LED fog lights. Our revised SUPERB has full LED lights with dynamic rear indicators, with the SKODA name in letters replacing the brand logo between them. The brand name is underlined by an elegant chrome-plated strip. More width, more presence, more clarity.

The revised SUPERB also offers a plethora of minor tweaks inside that, put together, elevate the interior to another class. features include chrome- plated components on the dashboard, and around the door handle and handgrip, and centre console décor. The rear kneeroom alone is a generous 157 mm. The luggage compartment, boasting a top-of-the-class 625 litres, offers outstanding practicality and great utility, with easy access another given. Folding down the rear seats increases the boot capacity to an
unprecedented 1,760 litres.
KESSY - Keyless Entry
You no longer need to be holding your key in order to open and lock your car. The KESSY (Keyless Entry, Start and exit System) control unit recognises the key and the vehicle unlocks automatically when the handles on the front and - in a development rear doors or on the tailgate are operated. The engine starts at the push of a button. Easy Start central locking with keyless ignition is now fitted as standard.

The SUPERBS full leather interior takes care of your comfort. The seats also offer massage (driver's seat only) and memory functions, ventilation, heating, and electric settings. The three-zone air conditioning guarantees optimal interior temperature. The driver, front passenger and rear passengers can all control the temperature in their own zone, enabling the whole family to travel in comfort.

On-board instrument data along with other information, such as navigation, media playback and phone, are displayed on a beautiful 10.25" digital display. The ten ambient lighting colours, variably adjustable via the infotainment system, deliver discreetly lit ambience during your journey.
Powerful Engines
The SKODA SUPERB harbours enough power under the bonnet for you to cope safely with any situation, whether you' re overtaking or quickly changing lanes. The most powerful 206 kW versions are available with all-wheel drive. All engines reduce fuel efficiency, meeting the latest emission standards remarkably. The SUPERB is fitted with Dynamic Chassis Control, incorporating Driving Mode Select. These modes change both the stiffness of the shock absorbers and other vehicle settings. Reconfiguring the car from a comfortable, relaxed mode to a dynamic, sporty setting is as easy as pressing a button.

DSG Gearbox
The SUPERBS engine set-ups feature an automatic transmission - the DSG. The DSG Is an automatic gearbox equipped with two Independent gearboxes and clutches. Its main advantages include the ability to change gears smoothly at lightning speeds, while keeping to low fuel consumption.

All-Wheel Drive
The most powerful 206 kW versions are available with all-wheel drive. The four-wheel drive system with electronically controlled multi-plate clutch deals with the slightest change under the SUPERB's wheels in milliseconds. This enhances the handling and increases safety.

Car Grades Explained
95% as new condition/100% as new to drive/ min two year warranty
Less than 50,000 km’s
Thoroughly prepared used car/ excellent mechanical condition/ a minimum of 1 year warranty
Less than 120,000 km’s
Reasonable mechanical and cosmetic condition/ a minimum of 6 months warranty
Less than 150,000 km’s
A Part Exchanged/Trade In – only sold on to Trade
Only applicable to Trade In Self Appraisals – scrapped or sold to Trade where possible

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