Service Offers:

Volkswagen Service Offer
Volkswagen Classic Service from €179
Volkswagen Commercial Service Offer
Book your Volkswagen Van Service from as little as €179*
Skoda Service Offer
Service your SKODA for as little as €159
Mercedes Van Service Offer
Mercedes Van Service Offer
Mercedes Service Offer
Mercedes Classic Service from €189. This Service is available at Western Motors as an Authorised Mercedes-Benz Dealer.
Why Choose Us

  • QUALITY - Iso approved processes and procedures, our reputation is your guarantee.

  • VALUE -Genuine parts, trained technicians, convenient location and ALL our work is guaranteed. Fixed quotes for standard servicing and we will not carry out extra work without your approval.

  • PEACE OF MIND - All manufacturer (Volkswagen, Skoda and Mercedes-Benz) supplied parts that we fit have a two year warranty.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION - The oil, filters, tyres and batteries taken from your car are all sent for recycling.

More Service Offers...

Tyres Offer

Get a 15% discount when you replace a set of 4 Tyres

Your tyres play an important role in the overall performance of your vehicle – from handling and performance to comfort and safety.  So for your convenience, we supply, fit, balance, align and we’ll dispose of your old tyres.


Clean is beautiful, sanitized is better!

STOP! Bad smells, allergies, bacteria and viruses.

Every day vehicles interiors hold millions of particles and pathogen agents carried by the air, people and animals. Fabric and seats absorb the bad odors, while tapestry and child seats attract bacteria and allergens.

Sanitizing with ozone allows to carry out a cleanliness deeper than the traditional one, because it kills more than 99% of germs and bacteria present in the cockpit and in the air-conditioning system of your car.

Sanity System is the safest and most effective ecological service to sanitize the dash and air-conditioning ducts of your car.
Don’t think just about your car’s health, think about yours as well!!

Volkswagen Brake Pads – From €129

Brake pads are critical components for the safe operation of your car, and should be maintained correctly to avoid a potential disaster. If the pads wear down completely you’ll not only be unable to stop the car in time but you’ll damage the discs, which will need to be replaced.

Each wheel has at least two pads and it’s important to change the pads on both front wheels at the same time, to ensure an even brake force. At the same time we will examine the discs.

Volkswagen Timing Belt Change - From €449

Having an old and heavily worn timing belt may tear and cause engine damage. How does this happen? The engines valve control loses its rhythm, the piston hits the valve like a bullet at speed up to 15m/s. This has an effect on the cylinder head and usually needs to be being replaced.

Replacement Includes:

  • Timing Belt
  • Tensioner Kit
  • Engine Kit
  • Free wash and vac
  • 2 year parts warranty
  • 2 year labour warranty
  • Water pump
  • Free vehicle check


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Car Grades Explained
95% as new condition/100% as new to drive/ min two year warranty
Less than 50,000 km’s
Thoroughly prepared used car/ excellent mechanical condition/ a minimum of 1 year warranty
Less than 120,000 km’s
Reasonable mechanical and cosmetic condition/ a minimum of 6 months warranty
Less than 150,000 km’s
A Part Exchanged/Trade In – only sold on to Trade
Only applicable to Trade In Self Appraisals – scrapped or sold to Trade where possible

As our Digital Dealership grows we know that more buyer confidence is needed throughout the online buying process and to assist we have introduced the Western Motors Group Used Car Grading System. The system has been devised to offer more transparency to our customers and to provide an easy guide as to the quality of the used car being sold.