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 Golf GTD - Performance meets Efficiency 

Featuring sculpted lines and profoundly sporty exterior the Golf GTD offers a clean design which can't help but capture the eye. Make the Golf GTD your own with a host of individualisation options. From lighting to tires you'll be spoiled for choice and sure to arrive in style in the all new Golf GTD. Powerful and efficient without having to show it off: the Golf GTD impresses with its sportiness, confidence and a clear design. The modern engine technology in your Golf GTD is characterised by economy, high torque and power. It is exactly right for you if you like driving and drive a lot, but still want to keep your consumption down.

The Golf has many highlights. Check out these three:

The Golf GTD shows off what it is capable of – and that’s not just down to the GTD lettering. For instance, the powerful bumpers and a honeycomb design on the radiator grille add to the effect. Adding an exciting contrast is the elegant chrome trim strip that stretches across the front all the way to the striking LED headlights.

All of the components inside the Golf GTD are carefully tailored to one another to give the vehicle its distinctively sporty look. This starts with the stainless steel pedals and extends to the decorative trims and hallmark stitching all the way to the black headliner. The LED ambient lighting adds accents of light in all the right places.

The Golf GTD is already fitted with visibly dynamic LED headlights as standard that stretch all the way round to the side wings, while sleek LED tail light clusters dominate at the rear. Your Golf GTD is also equipped with IQ.LIGHTs. In this case, extra powerful LED matrix headlights fitted with “Dynamic Light Assist” main-beam control light up the road. The package also includes innovative dynamic turn signals that use an animated strip of lights to show which way you are turning.

The wheel and tyre combination that is right for your Golf GTD is a matter of opinion. Alloy wheels certainly emphasise the sportiness of the Golf GTD.
DSG dual clutch gearbox
The DSG dual clutch gearbox with its brand new smaller selector lever guarantees fun behind the wheel without any interruptions, helping reduce fuel consumption. Pressing on the selector lever enables you to easily select your chosen driving mode, which is then activated via the electrically connected shift-by-wire gearbox. Particularly handy in a traffic jam: When combined with the Travel Assist feature, the system can help you to pull away and brake.

The true superiority of the Golf GTD is hidden under its bonnet. The modern engine technology in your Golf GTD is characterised by its economy, high torque and power. Its 2.0 l TDI engine, with its full, exciting sound, delivers impressive performance of 200 HP – imposingly underlined with a torque of 400 Nm. It is just the right engine for you if you like driving and drive a lot, but still want to keep your consumption down.

Differential lock
Who would have thought that a little phrase like “electronic differential lock XDS” could bring such a broad smile to your face? This is precisely what happens in the Golf GTD. That’s because the standard XDS delivers more traction, which helps you to feel safe when cornering. For example, the precise application of pressure to one side results in sportier, faster and more accurate cornering, so it comes as no surprise that you feel yourself start to smile when you spot a curve ahead.
Multifunction steering wheel with touch controls
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Premium sports seats and leather interior
The GTD look is visible in every corner of the interior. While the premium sport seats in the front are covered in durable fabric in “Scale Paper” design, the hallmark crystal grey accents of the GTD design are not only visible on the leather steering wheel but also on the textile floor mats that come in a complementary colour scheme.

Being able to check all the most important information while also keeping an eye on the road: this is the main advantage of the optional head-up display in your Golf GTD. Part of the windscreen becomes a projection area that can display your speed, messages from your driver assist systems or navigation instructions. The projection itself is still clearly legible, even when light is shining directly onto the windscreen. And you can switch off the display at any time if you no longer need it.

Car Grades Explained
95% as new condition/100% as new to drive/ min two year warranty
Less than 50,000 km’s
Thoroughly prepared used car/ excellent mechanical condition/ a minimum of 1 year warranty
Less than 120,000 km’s
Reasonable mechanical and cosmetic condition/ a minimum of 6 months warranty
Less than 150,000 km’s
A Part Exchanged/Trade In – only sold on to Trade
Only applicable to Trade In Self Appraisals – scrapped or sold to Trade where possible

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