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 Crafter Dropside Van - Build from a firm foundation 

The Crafter Dropside Van is designed for the really heavy duty jobs. It’s made of the same tough stuff as its drivers are. Even if it can’t do absolutely everything for you, it has plenty of features on board to make your daily working live much easier.Create and customise yours with the specialist applications and conversions you need to get your job done. Whether you need to haul a little or a lot, the Crafter Dropside van has you covered. Explore options for engines, wheelbases, roof heights and weight capabilities and build your Crafter your way. 

The Crafter Dropside Van has many highlights. Check out these three:

Interface and connections
Charge your mobile phone, laptop or tools with ease while you’re driving to your next appointment. The driver’s cab in the Crafter Dropside Van contains a USB port and a number of sockets:
- Optional keypad for special bodies.
- Optional USB port for charging mobile devices
- Hands-free system for mobile phones with a Bluetooth connection in conjunction with all radio and navigation system

Seating options
A long day of work in the driving seat is pretty exhausting. And if you’ve got a stiff neck and bad back, then both your mood and concentration are likely to drop. To prevent this, you can choose from five different seats in the Crafter:
- Basic seat with adjustable backrest and longitudinal adjustment
- Comfort seat with height and seat depth adjustment, internal armrest and 2-way lumbar adjustment
- Comfort seat “Plus” with two armrests and 4-way electrical lumbar adjustment
- ergoComfort suspension seat
- ergoActive suspension seat with massage function

Multifunction display "Plus“
Find all the information you need while you are out on the road in a single place: The on-board computer shows you information, such as how far you have travelled, how warm it is outside, and how much fuel you are consuming on average.
Load Surface
If you want to be productive, you have to be able to transport a lot. And nobody knows better than you just how much this is. That’s why the Crafter Chassis Cab is available with a medium and long wheelbase. It’s up to you to decide how much capacity your business needs.

Load Surface
The Crafter Dropside Van offers a great deal of space for material, tools, heavy equipment and plenty more things you need for a long day at work. It also comes with almost just as many intelligent solutions to keep all this in place. As a result, your cargo will arrive at your destination safe and sound. These solutions are available: Lashing eyes, Lashing strap fitting, Load securing case.

Towing attachments
Transporting bulky material or towing a trailer on top of that. The Crafter Dropside Van is set up for heavy-duty jobs. That's because it's available with various preparations for towing loads of up to 3.5 t.
The removable tow hitch with ball head is suitable for trailers and carrier systems up to 3.5 tonnes. Fixed option also available.
Best Economy
Top quality over the long term – Low maintenance costs. The Crafter Dropside Van meets this brief without a shadow of a doubt. Thanks to its robust workmanship, efficient engines and low air resistance, it is a worthwhile investment for your company. From the investment to the resale.

Top-class load securing options
When tool boxes start to slide around or boards start to fall over, the noise of them rattling around on the load surface is not just annoying. It can result in damage to expensive material or cause the driver to become distracted. To make sure everything arrives safely and in one piece, the Crafter Dropside Van offers the best load securing options in its class: thanks to 10 optional lashing eyes and a large range of lashing rails.

Air conditioning systems
When temperatures rise to 28 degrees in the summer and the sun beams down onto your driver’s cab, the optional air conditioning system with electronic control helps to guarantee exactly the right temperature.

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