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  The New SEAT Ateca - A bigger, bolder look 

The SEAT Ateca — robust as ever with sharper lines and a more dynamic design. Specially adapted with the needs of today’s roads in mind. For larger living and uncharted territories. The 10,25” SEAT Digital Cockpit now splits into 3 to keep an eye on everything you want to from the comfort of your seat. Load it up, carry it with you. Choose from a wide range of accessories that let you take your life along for the ride.

The Ateca has many highlights. Check out these three:

Boasting a larger Front Grille and 100% Full LED Lights in both the front and rear. The remodelled back end complete with silver detailing and hidden exhaust pipes framed in black give it a subtly sophisticated charm. The look for any adventure it might take you on.

As fearless and daring as you are. The SUV that embodies versatility and freedom. We’ve given it side skirts in silver for an even bolder presence. Same name. Fresh look with new handwritten lettering. Hola Hola, the ultimate co-pilot, activated at the touch of a button or with an easy “hola hola”. Beautifully crafted, cosy and set to explore with the Nordic interior. Machined 19” wheels means you can slide through the city or cut through the world like a dream: with less drag.

Make it the way you want it with personal touches. For Nordic style and the comfort of home choose the XPERIENCE, with its door panels and central console in Light finish. Prefer a more sporty look? The FR trim has the same matching interior components but in Ice metal colour. Stay in sync with your Ateca, when you’re fully connected the possibilities are endless.
Street smart
No stress. All enjoyment. The advanced technology in the SEAT Ateca keeps everything running smoothly, so you can get the most out the streets. Control your smartphone through the infotainment screen with Full Link technology, now wireless. And power it up every time you step in: no need for cables. Safe can be beautiful too. Rear dynamic blinkers give it a classier finish.

Digital Systems
Centred around you. The 10,25” SEAT Digital Cockpit now splits into 3 for easier access and visibility while you focus on the drive ahead. A bigger 9.2" screen splits diagonally into 3 panels for easier viewing. Connecting wirelessly to your mobile and storing your preferences.

Voice recognition
Handsfree. Straightforward. Simple. Tell your SEAT Ateca where you want to go. Choose your favourite music or call and text through voice command. Activate the ultimate copilot at the touch of a button or with an easy “hola hola”.
Stress-Free Driving
Today’s driver has more things than ever to watch out for on the roads. That’s why the SEAT Ateca comes with the latest safety features to let you focus on what’s important. Combined with Navi, Adaptive Cruise Control recognizes speed limits and adjusts your speed accordingly, while keeping you at a safe distance from surrounding traffic.

Assistance Systems
For total control at your fingertips. Travel Assist combines Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Assist at the touch of a button. And warns you when detecting your hands are not on the wheel. Proper support for changing lanes. Side Assist technology monitors vehicles approaching from behind and alerts you if anything is in your critical zone. Keeping you safe and sound.

Emergency Precautions
Should the driver become unresponsive, Emergency Assist slows the car down while warning the driver. Being fully connected gives you peace of mind. Wherever you are. Including a breakdown call to notify services and track location. Emergency call ensures you feel good while driving. Always on. Always safe.

Car Grades Explained
95% as new condition/100% as new to drive/ min two year warranty
Less than 50,000 km’s
Thoroughly prepared used car/ excellent mechanical condition/ a minimum of 1 year warranty
Less than 120,000 km’s
Reasonable mechanical and cosmetic condition/ a minimum of 6 months warranty
Less than 150,000 km’s
A Part Exchanged/Trade In – only sold on to Trade
Only applicable to Trade In Self Appraisals – scrapped or sold to Trade where possible

As our Digital Dealership grows we know that more buyer confidence is needed throughout the online buying process and to assist we have introduced the Western Motors Group Used Car Grading System. The system has been devised to offer more transparency to our customers and to provide an easy guide as to the quality of the used car being sold.