Saturday Offers:

AdBlue Top-Up – 50% off – Saturday only

Your vehicle is fitted with an advanced emissions control system, which helps your vehicle meet the latest Euro 6 exhaust gas regulations.
AdBlue®, a water/urea based operating fluid, is stored in a tank (like diesel fuel), however, unlike fuel it is not injected into the engine, but directly into a specially modified part of the vehicle’s exhaust. This begins a chemical reaction which removes the polluting oxides of nitrogen (NOx), converting them into harmless water and nitrogen in a process known as Selective Catalytic Reduction, or SCR for short. SCR is only applicable to diesel engines and the more economically you drive, typically, the less AdBlue® you will use.  DROGHEDA BRANCH ONLY

ŠKODA Safety Pack – Usually €35 – only €25 on Saturday

The Safety Pack for your ŠKODA suits all ŠKODA models of all years. Each of these items are very important to have in your car in case of a breakdown or an emergency.
Our Safety Pack includes:

  • Warning Triangle
  • Hi-Visibility Jacket
  • First Aid Kit

All Parts are Genuine ŠKODA Parts and Accessories and come with a 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty so you can be assured of their quality.

Car Boot Liners – 15% Off – Saturday Only

Car Boot Liners are the ideal way to keep the interior of your car in great condition, and free from all the damage that can be caused by things like spilt groceries, pets and plants you’re bringing home from the local nursery.

If the boot floor is already showing signs of wear, installing this premium-quality accessory will also cover up any unsightly damage.




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