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 The new Polo - So much more 

With its compact dimensions and fresh design highlights, the new Polo exudes personality even at first glance. Its most striking feature is the redesigned front with optional LED light strip combined with IQ-LIGHT Matrix LED headlights between the headlamps. On closer inspection, it’s not only the choice of colour that stands out so prominently, but a whole range of features through which each of the four Polo, Polo Life, Polo Style, or Polo R-Line equipment lines come into their own. Examples include decorative chrome highlights and other optional features such as a colour-contrasting roof or fog lights. Which one is your favourite?

The Polo has many highlights. Check out these three:

Digital Comfort
Digital Comfort
Digital Cockpit
The Digital Cockpit instrument cluster displays classic gauges such as speedometer and odometer as standard on a high-resolution 20.32 cm (8”) colour display. On the Digital Cockpit Pro**, the image in the 26.04 cm (10.25”) display can be customised according to individual preferences. For example then, you can choose how to visualise your driver assistance systems or combine navigation map and media display – all with appealing graphics and animations.
*Comes as standard in Polo, Polo Life and Polo R-Line
**Available as an option in Polo Style and Polo R-Line.

Radio & Navigation
Have you heard? The Composition radio with 15.5 cm (6.5”) display provides for great non-stop entertainment in the Polo. This is no surprise, as it now also features DAB+ digital radio reception, two USB-C ports, and a mobile phone interface. Ready 2 Discover radio is already available as an option and as a standard feature in the Style equipment line and higher. This not only boasts a 20.3 cm (8”) TFT colour display, but can also be upgraded and a navigation function can be added later via the In-Car Shop. For those who want guidance from the start, the 20.3 cm (8”) screen provides options for the Discover Media navigation system including Streaming & Internet or the Discover Pro system with 23,5 cm (9,25”) screen including Streaming & Internet.
Keeps you to your lane, and keeps others at a distance
The new Polo includes a capacitive steering wheel when you opt for Travel Assist: thanks to a touch-sensitive surface, it can detect whether you physically have your hands on the wheel. Travel Assist puts the comfort into driving by providing assistance in monotonous and tiring situations. Travel Assist also helps keep you in lane and maintain your speed while taking into account the distance from vehicles in front, especially on motorways and major roads.

Driving into a parking space made easy
The new Polo with optional Park Assist including parking distance warning system not only tells you whether a parking space is large enough when driving past, but can also drive into it for you. You control the clutch, accelerator, and brake, and observe your surroundings, and the system does the rest.
- Sensors scan suitable parking spaces (up to a maximum of 40 km/h).
- Parallel parking spaces must have one vehicle length plus 80 cm manoeuvring distance for parking, and at least 25 cm in front of and behind the vehicle for driving out of a parking space.
- Parking bays must have at least 35 cm clearance on both sides.
IQ.LIGHT Matrix LED headlights
IQ.LIGHT Matrix LED headlights
Sure to inspire you
Even at first glance one of the options(1) on the new Polo shines brighter than the rest – the innovative IQ.LIGHT Matrix LED headlights The matrix technology allows you to drive with the main beam permanently switched on, without dazzling other road users.(2) Makes a big impression at the front as well as at the back: The package includes optional LED tail light clusters with animated brake light and integrated dynamic turn signal that indicates direction with dynamic flowing lights.

1. Comes as standard in the Polo Style and Polo R-Line equipment lines
2. Within system limits.

Exterior -The look of confidence
With its compact dimensions and fresh new chassis design, the new Polo exudes personality from first glance. Its most striking feature? The redesigned front with optional LED light strip and IQ.LIGHT Matrix LED headlights between the headlamps. However, on closer inspection, the large selection of colour finishes and range of quality features of the Polo, Polo Life, Polo GTI and Polo R-Line packages are what puts it ahead of the game. Optional features include decorative chrome highlights, dashboard and trim options as well as IQ.DRIVE features and sound system selections.

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