Why the VW ID. Range are Ireland’s best-selling electric cars

Why the VW ID. Range are Ireland’s best-selling electric car


The new member of Volkswagen's ID. Family is the stylish, sporty ID.5.

Its little sister, the ID.4 sprang on to the electric car market two years ago, bringing family coupe/SUV comfort, durability, and a touch of class to EV driving in Ireland. Before that we saw the ID. 3, a new era in the world of mobility. Electrifying performance meets groundbreaking design.


The ID.5 is the next step up and Irish drivers love it. We look at what makes the Volkswagen ID.5 so special and the many reasons why it has been propelled into top place as the darling of the Irish electric car market.


Sportier that the ID.4, with a rear-wheel-drive chain and a new sleeker bespoke look, the ID.5 retains all the good looks of the ID.4 and then some! The roofline falls into a cute hatchback rear with spoiler integration on the tailgate. A metallic section runs along the cars side giving a smooth stylish profile. The LED Matrix headlights not only light up the road without blinding other road users, they also have look amazing, as does the 3-dimensional LED appearance on the rear lights. These also sport dynamic indicators. Overall, it’s a classy looking car which tempts the buyer with practicalities and luxury but then loses nothing in its good looks. Electric driving grew up with the Volkswagen ID. range and the ID.5 continues the legacy. The interior puts space and comfort high on the agenda. The boot has 549 litres of space, making it a perfect family SUV vehicle. Roomy and with the all-important digital 12-inch touchscreen, which comes as standard on the ID.5. This features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Drivers also get a compact 5.3-inch digital drivers display,  similar to that found in the ID.3 and ID.4. This display is simple to read, with only the most pertinent data on show. A useful addition in the ID.5 is the heat pump which gives a more energy-efficient way of warming up the cabin than a normal electric heater.

A longer Range

Range really is one of the ID. 5′s strongest suits. This is a long-haul EV. The ID.5 comes with the largest 77kWh battery option, giving a range of 503km. It has 174hp and will do 0-60mph in 10.4 seconds. So, no issues with how far it goes, or how fast. Every aspect of the ID.5 was designed to ensure its electrifying performance. Excellent aerodynamics and a big battery give this long range with just one charge, while intelligent charging management is integrated seamlessly into your everyday life. The ID.5 has a peak rapid charging rate of 135kW

A Smooth Drive

The Volkswagen ID.5 comprises all that is good about driving VW with impressive range, efficiency and it does it with no loss of space, comfort, and luxurious extras. There will be three versions of the Volkswagen ID.5, though all use the same 77kWh battery. A base model uses a 174hp electric motor to drive the rear wheels and has the same official driving range as the more powerful 204hp model. Torque output of 310Nm provides a constant surge of acceleration whenever it is needed. The main advantage of the lower output version is that it is slightly cheaper to buy. Smart driving assist means that the car will slow you down if you are off the accelerator and cars ahead are slowing down.


Volkswagen has certainly expanded its electric vehicle range with the ID.5, providing buyers with the choice of a coupe-like SUV look without any noticeable reduction in the driving range or interior space.

Tomorrow comes with confidence.


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