Volkswagen’s ID.3 electric car is its next big thing AND is the World’s 1st Carbon Neutral Car

“Volkswagen’s ID.3 electric car is its next big thing after the Beetle and Golf,

it’s the World’s 1st Carbon Neutral Car.”

In the metal it’s Golf-sized on the outside, but inside larger and closer to a Passat for space.

First deliveries of the model are equipped with the mid-sized battery at 58kW delivering up to 420 kilometres but further models available will be, the smaller battery size at 45kW delivering up to 330 kilometres and the larger battery size, a 77kW, which will deliver up to 550 kilometres.

A limited number of ID3 1ST edition models are now available at Western Motors with pricing from €33,450, excluding grants and incentives.

The ID3 Style


A rethink of proportions to suit the natural architecture of an electric car has resulted in the look of a stylish, smaller version of a people carrier with its swept-back windscreen and long straight roofline.  Coming in at a few mm wider and longer than the Volkswagen Golf, you also sit 17mm higher.

The short bonnet is possible because the electric motor is mounted at the back, making this a rear-wheel-drive hatchback. In addition, the vast windows give excellent visibility and make the car feel bigger and very light and airy. The boot is also big, identically as big as a Golf, but the back seats are a league above in terms of knee and headroom. It’s positively airy back there. 

As there is no engine, there is no radiator, and so no need for a grille to cool it.  In its place the ID3 gets a neat flush panel, flanked by the high-tech headlights which are connected by an optional LED strip that runs across the front of the car.

Stands out in the crowd on the forecourts of Western Motors.


The ID3 Spec


The new VW ID.3 1st Edition comes with super bright Matrix LED headlights, 19-inch alloy wheels, tinted windows and a choice of four paint colours – two different greys, white and turquoise.

Inside the ID3 1ST you get LED ambient lighting, a digital driver’s display and a 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system with sat-nav.

Coming as standard is adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, automatic emergency braking, front and rear parking sensors and a reversing camera.

The ID3 is Carbon Neutral

Imagine if how we moved meant reaching our destination without leaving a footprint. Volkswagen – Way to Zero.

Volkswagen are committed to complying with the Paris Climate Agreement, with the goal of becoming a company with a carbon-neutral balance by 2050 and we begin our journey to Zero Emissions with the Carbon Neutral ID3.

The all-electric ID.3 is the first Volkswagen ever that is not just produced with a carbon-neutral balance but which is also delivered to you with a carbon-neutral balance.

By using 100% renewable energy to produce the car and its batteries we deliver the ID.3, the world’s first overall CO2-neutral electric car.


James McCormack, Managing Director of Western Motors says;

“We have been looking forward to the arrival of the ID3 for a long time and first impressions for ourselves and the first customers are very positive. The way it looks, drives and operates is different from our other models and once you appreciate that, you are in for a very positive and exciting experience. Mr Musk and his Tesla cars now have some real competition! Take some time to let us tell you about the car, come and have a test drive and you will see what I mean.”


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