The ID. Family of Volkswagen cars

A new generation of electric cars, bringing style and practicality to family driving have placed Volkswagen at the forefront of EV driving.   We are proud of the ID. range of seven models of pure electric cars which have absolutely everything you can hope for in electric driving and meet all the wishes of Ireland’s discerning modern drivers. The ID. series are electric, efficient and locally emission-free. They tick all of the boxes for the average motorist who aspires to greener driving but does not want to lose out on performance and style.  The ID. range includes the compact car, the CUV or saloon and some tantalising glimpsed of more compact models and even a Volkswagen van that will be on the road in the coming years.  Our ID. models reflect the very latest in EV driving, where nothing is lost on technological advances and good looks, and much is gained in terms of driving range and battery power. These cars are super cute, dynamic and stylish too!  This range keeps Volkswagen at the cutting edge of car innovation and ensures market leadership in electric car driving.

All new ID.3 and ID.4

When Volkswagen decided to develop the ID. series of cars, they had families and discerning rivers in mind. The ID.3 replaced the e-Golf as the family-sized choice for those with a green conscience. It is a deserving recipient of the ‘What Car’ 2021 Car of the Year award. It is our first electric car based on a bespoke electric platform.  The ID.3 is a perfect car for the electric era, as not only was it produced with a net carbon-neutral balance, but it is delivered to you with a net-carbon neutral balance through a combination of emissions reductions and off-setting of the unavoidable emissions.  Despite being a greener than green option, the ID.3 is stylish and is backed by the VW reputation for reliability.   This model is available with impressive driving ranges of up to 540Km.  There are lots of cool options like the ‘keyless advanced’ locking and starting system, it has a five-star safety rating, and this family hatchback is agile and a pleasure to drive.  Like the ID.3, the ID.4 shows just how attractive electric mobility can be. This urban SUV is practical, functional and looks sleek and sophisticated.  It has unique panoramic windshield so you can better view the planet you are contributing to saving by reducing the carbon emissions. All this and she drives beautifully too.

‘Thanks to the low centre of gravity and the balanced weight distribution, the ID.4 hugs the road like a Velcro-strapped centipede. Even when fitted with the optional 21-inch tyres, the ride remains compliant on most surfaces, and it doesn’t fall apart when you switch modes from Comfort to Sport.’

The ID.4 has an impressive range of up to 500km in optimum circumstances and a fast charge option of over 300km in a half hour. All cars in the ID.4 range benefit from Ireland’s grants and VRT rebates which can be worth thousands depending on the model you purchase.  These incentives are likely to remain in place for the foreseeable future and are a nice bonus if moving to greener driving. The ID.4 is a strong incentive in itself and has revolutionised the family SUV.

Future driving with the ID5 and ID6

Next year, 2022, will see the launch of the ID.5. coupe -SUV.    This much anticipated model will combine sporty, elegant coupe design with all the qualities of an ID. family pure electric car.  Intuitive operation. Fully networked. Combining the strength of an SUV with the flowing style of a coupe. At the top of the ID.5 range, there’ll be a performance focused GTX variant which brings a sportiness not normally associated with the greener EV car.   The technology is also available on the ID.4 and develops 302bhp, which is enough for a 0-62mph time of 6.2 seconds. But Volkswagen are bringing electric cars to the next level.

The ID.6 will arrive in 2023 bringing with it a staggering 435-mile range.  The ID will be sold with a choice of battery sizes, and although it is still in development stages, it is likely that the largest battery, an 84kWh pack mounted within the flat floor of the MEB platform, will provide the car with a range of around 700km, or 431 miles – some 89 miles more than that quoted for the ID 3 Pro S, which has a 77kWh battery. These improvements on range are to be expected as Volkswagen hone the performance on all EV cars.   

ID.1 and ID.2

The ID1. and ID2. range of electric vehicles are currently in development and will herald smaller entry-level cars taking their place among the pure electric vehicles in the coming years.  The ID.2 will drive out for the first time in 2023.  It is expected to be similar in size to the VW Polo and will come at a very affordable price tag. This is wonderful news for those aspiring to drive electric but wanting a more modest car.  Volkswagen board member for technical development, Dr Frank Welsch, confirmed that advancing developments in battery technology are likely to lead to reduced costs, allowing VW to make n small electric car with a price tag of under £20,000.

“Every two or three years, we see improvements in battery technology and electrochemistry,” Welsch said. “If we speak about [a smaller] MEB entry, I don’t think it would happen before 2023, and there will be at least some improvements by then.  But if you go for a smaller concept, where they don’t need a range of 500km, or where they could never afford a battery capacity of 80kWh, for example, it could be a possibility – especially when you keep in mind it should improve over the next three years.”

The ID.1 will be the smallest car in the ID. line up and is being hailed as an entry level car for the urban playground. A zippy, nifty electric around town car, the ID1 will have a similar look to the 2002e-up but will have classy suburban look.  You will have to wait till 2023 for a sneak peek and production is expected in 2025. Good things come to those who wait.

The VW ID Buzz

Back to the future with the iconic Volkswagen van in its newest transformation and it is coming soon!   The ID Buzz has state of the art technology with the laid-back coolness of the VW campervan. Because the ID. Buzz is a concept vehicle, however, you still have to wait a while before you see it on the market.  It will be worth the wait, with its cutting-edge comfort, brand new interior and fully automated electric driving.  We are ‘buzzed’ about it already! One of the coolest features has to be the vvw Led headlights.  Intelligent LED “eyes” that communicate interactively with drivers and pedestrians. For instance, if you’re about to turn a corner, the headlights will point in the direction you’re heading. And if the ID. Buzz notices any pedestrians or cyclists on the edge of the road, it can even “look” at them and use subtle light signals to attract their attention. Pretty forward-looking, right?    Best of all, Volkswagen

Volkswagen is certain that the ID. family series of concept cars will herald the new age of pure electric driving. It’s time for a power shift: time for everyone to plug in and take part in a new movement. With the launch of the all-electric Volkswagen ID. Family, electric mobility becomes accessible for everyone. We believe that by harnessing power for the few, one can make a change. But only by harnessing power for the many, we can change the world. 

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