The ABT Sportline Kit

Spice it up with sporty and stylish customization options for your Volkswagen Van

The Volkswagen Transporter ABT Sportsline body kit is a classy, sporty and stylish body kit that upgrades your VW van from amazing to incredible.   The ABT Sportsline kit is coming to Western Motors Ltd, soon, marking it the perfect time to customise and transform your favourite VW van. Volkswagen van enthusiasts love this easy and effective facelift for the legendary iconic vans. They are  designed to style up the Transporter panel van, but can also be used to modify and enhance the  Volkswagen Caravelle, the Kombi and similar.

Available from January 2022, the standard ABT SportsLine Kit includes:

  • Front and rear ABT style bumper
  • Front grille ad on
  • Side skirts
  • Rear wing spoiler skirt set
  • Four glossy black end pipes
  • Rear carbon Fins 
  • 19 or 20-inch wheels in either matt black or diamond machined finishes. 

Check out the gallery here to see just how sporty and classy the Transporter looks after the kit has been applied.  From perfect to sublime! The main material is PU rim, which is also used in the original equipment sector, so you know this is a genuine, Volkswagen product backed by years of experience and the Volkswagen reputation for reliability and style. For improved road holding, the ABT coil over sports suspension lowers the T6.1 by up to 7 cm. No matter which Volkswagen van you are driving, we can make it look even better with alloys, splitters, quad exhausts, leather interior and lowering. It has never been easier to design your perfect personally upgraded Transporter van.   

These ABT kits are engineered in Germany and employ Volkswagen’s renowned expertise, perfection and high quality. They are sold and fitted as a modular item, so you can pick and choose the customisation you want.   Go for the full transformation, enjoying everything that ABT Sportline has to offer in taking your Transport Van from really great to really awesome! Or just add one or two Sportline ABT kit features to personalise and enhance your prized vehicle.  With body styling products such as these, it is always recommended that you seek fitting from the specialists, so once you have chosen your new look, contact us here at Western Motors, we will order your kit and book a time for our experienced technicians to do the fitting for you.    The ABT Sportline body styling kit will make your van a smoother and more exciting drive. Turning your personal desires for customisation into reality while turning heads on the highways.

For more information on ABT chat to our enthusiastic and friendly sales team at Western Motors.  

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