Skoda Scala and Fabia - new cars at amazing prices

The all-new Skoda Scala and Fabia SUV have been taking Ireland by storm. This is not in any way surprising. Who wouldn’t want a brand-new car at what is essentially a used car price?  A car that comes with all the latest technology, great space, great warranty, and that delicious great new car smell! With prices way below similar marques, the Scala and the Fabia are great value for money. 

The Fabia

The latest generation Fabia is a charming family car that offers a low price point at sales but also promises low running cost. All of this comes with a classy design and an impressive amount of space. The Fabia has been developed to cleverly reduce drag to its lowest level yet. The cute Fabia sports a distinctive grill and a uniquely shaped bonnet and is one of the most visually striking cars in its class. The all-new Fabia successfully combines sophisticated elegance with a quality family car. The rear section has a high set wedge shaped back light above the distinctive Skoda logo. One of the most exciting aspects of the all-new Fabia is the advanced connectivity. A sophisticated system that you might expect in a pricier model. Skoda connect online services have a well-deserved reputation for delivering online navigation and information, including up to date traffic information. The Fabia also offers the option to control selected vehicle functions from your iPhone. Voice recognition, 5 USB ports and wireless phone-charging area available as an option.  Skoda is rightly proud of the selling more than 4.5 million since the Fabia first went on sale in 1999. It was that first-gen car that really established Skoda as a credible carmaker and this latest model reinforces that reputation.

The Scala

The new Skoda Scala is so much more than a regular five-door family hatchback, even though the purchase price would lead you to believe that is what you are buying. The Scala has a striking exterior design and a classy interior with above average passenger space, an amazing infotainment system and high-end technology. Skoda have launched the Scala as an impressive entry level compact car that offers more style and technology than you might expect for a vehicle of this size and price. It comes with a full helping of practical and smart technologies. The award-winning exterior design is sporty with dynamic elements, and this continues within the interior. The infotainment system can have an eight-inch touchscreen display with an option for a digital instrument cluster. Wireless phone charging pads and USB-C ports means that the latest tech will keep phones connected and topped up. The Scala comes with a complete plethora of advanced driver assist system, up to 9 airbags and eCall. If you want to add to the decent amount of standard equipment in the Scala, but options worth considering are the adaptive cruise control, the heated front seats, and the electric tailgate.

The Scala and the Fabia are fantastic cars, showcasing the very best of Skoda and are perfectly pitched for the times that we live in. Sensible, practical, and just a dream to drive. The Scala and the Fabia are so keenly priced, you would be crazy not to test drive these classy yet understated family hatchbacks.  Call us today to find our more.



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